Peter Weinstein, PhD
Chief Executive Officer


David Brown, MD
Chief Technical Officer


Michael Reilly, MBA
Chief Operating Officer



Provides over two decades of legal and business experience working and building small companies in the biotech/pharma/hi tech space around the world; built Genomics Enterprises, the commercial arm of Genomics England that included 12 companies, including many of the largest pharma


Has decades of experience building and managing IT systems and databases, including for Genomics England and he was responsible for a significant portion of the original piloting of HDeX


Thirty years of international leadership experience in marketing, business development, strategy, and finance at Amgen, Baxter, Sanofi, Sterling Drug, and Eastman Kodak.   Michael was the commercial lead for Amgen's acquisition of Immunex and its drug Enbrel and he led the denosumab (PROLIA, XGEVA) team